Routine Behavior

Let's talk habits. What does your habits look like? Do you wake up early, make coffee or tea and get straight into your day, or are you more of a slow starter? Maybe you lie in bed and stare at your phone before groggily going into the living room to immediately lay on the couch? Oh boy, I can honestly say I'm both people. I can roll out of bed and hop into the kitchen cheerfully pouring myself a cup of joe before taking the dogs out and jumping on the computer. Other days I'm a grouch and stare at the ceiling figuring out ways I can get Eric up and make him make the coffee, and then bring it to me in bed. My devious plans don't always work. All of our routines have taken a tail spin recently, and rightfully so! Especially if you didn't work from home to begin with. Routine smashed to smithereens! But guess what happens when old habits die hard? Growth happens. Opportunity happens and of course a new prospective happens. Currently my routine has rotated to growing who we are as a photography brand while still delivering exceptional quality and experience to our clients. This is something I have been itching to do for over six months now. I did some research, asked other photographers and vendors for input. Decisions have been made, and new habits and routines begin now!

*The horse print in the frame is by the talented Christine Donee.*

One of those habits is a note pad that sits on my coffee table. When what I think is a brilliant idea pops into my head, I grab my note pad and jot it down. This is definitely a new thing for me. I've never been a detailed note taker, instead I'm a doodler, bullet pointer, or I try and lock it down in my head as a mental checklist. This note pad has been an interesting addition to my creative process. My notes look wild. Different scribbles on the page going all directions, it looks bad, but it has truly helped me straighten out my thought process. So I'll keep writing those notes for our new website, new look, and new name that has our same exceptional art and style. Even if your routine is small, maybe going for a short walk in the morning, buying yourself a gorgeous bouquet to look at, or making your bed (I always feel more put together.) Now's the time to try mixing it up. Who knows, you may just find a new routine that feels more you. Happy exploring friends! Sam #Blogging #Fineartphotographer #Beltontx #Templetx #newhabits #weddingphotographers

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