National Proposal Day

Updated: Mar 30

Photo By: Sarah Drake

This morning I saw a insta post with the hashtag #nationalproposalday. There's a day for everything right?! Any who that got me thinking about the way Eric proposed to me back in November of 2017. It's my favorite thing to have story time and I think we all need a bit of a distraction right now, so let's go back a few years.

November 3, 2017

It's a Friday, and my birthday. My mother, sister and myself all decide it was the perfect day to play hooky, so we went to Austin to have a fun filled day of shopping. Eric and I were living together in a small house, where it was basically impossible to hide anything from each other. I give him a kiss and ran out of the door. Nothing seems abnormal, though I knew how good he was at surprises. My birthday the year before, he totally blew me away with a surprise party at his parents house. Of course, I didn't seem to clue into the fact that several cars outside the house were our friends vehicles. Did I mention that I'm oblivious?

Photo: Our relationship in a nutshell

I really didn't expect anything this year, especially getting engaged. We had been together eight years. Seriously, I was past the point of thinking that he would ever propose on my birthday and I just wanted to enjoy time with my family. We were literally in Austin all day, and Eric kept checking in asking me when I would be home. Huh? He doesn't normally do that. Whatever.

We finally make it back home and they drop me off. The door isn't locked. I walk into my house and the lights are on, and the TV is on. Eric comes screeching into the driveway and I walk outside. I ask him what's up, and he gives me a, "Oh I had to go downtown to pay the water bill before they closed." story. He's good ya'll. He's good.

I shrug my shoulders. Eric asks me if I want to take the dogs for a walk before we go out for dinner. Sure. This is totally normal. We would try and walk the dogs every night at UMHB, since we only lived a couple of minutes from there.

We park by the library and start walking toward the intramural fields at the back of campus. This is actually where we first met. We just happened to be on the same co-ed soccer team.

Photo: We still play together. This is our summer league team. The girl to the right of me, Abby, and her husband Jonny top far right are important to this story.

The lights are on even though no one out there playing. Eric starts walking to the fields. I casually remind him that we get yelled at every time we walk the dogs on the fields. He ignores me and I follow him. He stops in the middle of the fields and grabs me. My legs get tied up in the leashes. He starts talking to me about love. I stare at him like an idiot. He reaches into his pocket, kneeling to the ground at the same time.

I do the total girl thing and raise my hands to my mouth. He let's out a, "will you marry me?" I look at him and say, "Are you *%^^%#!# kidding me?!"I nod my head and we hug and kiss. There's gotta be other people here. I look around and see Abbi holding Eric's camera from the other side of the field. Jonny pops out of the car and tells me he could hear me curse from all the way over there.

Eric had rushed out of the house right before I had gotten home because he had forgotten to tell a buddy of his at the school to leave on the lights for us. Then I heard the story that the engagement almost didn't happen because the ring didn't get delivered.

He had gone to Dallas with his mother a few weeks ago. (I thought he went to Austin). There he picked out a diamond at market. It had to be set, so it would be sent to him in a week. He obviously didn't want it delivered to our house, so he had it mailed to his friend Jake, who worked from home. The ring should've been delivered that afternoon, but FedEx never stopped.

Eric, rightfully so, freaked out and called FedEx, where they gave him no information. He knew that FedEx drivers could only make right-hand turns (he was a marketing major, he knows this kind of random information). He tracks down the truck and makes him pull over. He asks the man if he missed a delivery. The driver looks shocked and hands him the box. No questions were asked.

Photo: The day we got engaged.

I laugh as he tells me this story at his parents house. We went over there shortly after to celebrate with his family and mine, something else he totally surprised me with. Poor guy. I had a great day and he, up until this point, had been beyond stressed out. Our proposal was certainly special, as are all proposals. It's just the first of many memories in the wedding process, and honestly, other than actually getting married, the proposal had to be one of my favorite parts of the whole process.

So never forget to take it in. Life blows by so quickly that stories and photos are all that you will have in the end, and that is pretty dang special if I do say so myself.

Photo by: DSR Photography

Happy Friday my friends.


Sam and Eric

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