Musings of a Girl Who Wears Miss Matched Socks

Have you ever just sat quietly listening to the sounds of the birds outside of your window? Maybe today you'll sit on your couch and open the window and listen to the rain hitting the ground (one of my favorite things to do).

I used to work in an office a long time ago in a hospital, where there was absolutely no windows, and I had to walk all the way down the hallways through various door to get some natural light. I hated that office. I would walk in when it was dawn and walk out when the sun was setting. Those were the rough, feeling like I hadn't seen the sun all day. That job feels like eons ago.

I am always trying to get outside, while wearing copious amount of sunscreen. (redhead life over here) I'll take off my shoes and walk around feeling the grass between my feet. Eric thinks this behavior is strange, but when you've grown up outside running around, jumping in creek water, shoes are always an option.

Photography is definitely a mobile job, dare I say, a sport? Deep leg squats are what I do best, as well as laying on the floor, running backwards while the subject walk to me, standing on my tip toes, and chasing after babies and puppers. Afterwards, I slam as much H2O as I possibly can, because I tend to forget to drink water while doing all of these things.

Sometimes I say, "screw it," and take off my shoes entirely during a shoot. Please don't judge me. I never wear matching socks. ( I'm shrugging and Eric is rolling his eyes and nodding as I say this.)

Look you have to take off your shoes and roll up your pants when you get in the water for an engagement shoot! It just is what it is.

Photography forces you to get dirty and get out there to take some out of this world shots. Even if you don't have a dslr camera, you have a phone, that can get some awesome snaps.

And guess what?

All of these images were taken on my Samsung Galaxy 10+. So take your shoes off and take some shots.

Much love,

Samantha + Eric

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