Film Portraits: Stormi

After putting out a message to build up my film portfolio, Stormi jumped on it. Most people wanted to put their babies in front of the camera, which I totally get, but this was an opportunity to showcase the hot momma!

We sat in cold water, (sorry Stormi), I made her look directly into the light, (Sorry again), and we used smoke to create a cool effect. (That was all her idea.) She allowed me to be creative and to try things with film, without having the fear of failing, or if I messed up a roll, (which I did) we could try again, no pressure.

Get out there with your friends, or maybe you have a friend that needs website content or social media images, and just start shooting. Take risks, be ok with failing, and never be afraid to be a self learner.

Sometimes the best work we do is by accident, and we are all the better for it, and you friend or client will have gotten the results of that accident. A phenomenal session that resulted in some fantastic new images.

Keep Creating!

Love Sam and Eric

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