The bread to our butter. The rock to our roll. Our best bud for life.

I'm feeling sentimental today, since my dad's birthday was yesterday, so we are all about dads on the blog today. The men who raised us. Taught us how to get in trouble, and hopefully get out of it. They taught how to stand up for ourselves, and fight for what we believe in. They are our biggest supporters and they always have your back. Dads are a daughter's first love. Dads are so important to their daughters on their wedding day for obvious reasons, which is why I always tell my brides to have a moment with your dad before you walk out to meet your future partner. That could mean a brief chat before the ceremony, or maybe even a first look. Shooting these types of first looks are incredibly special and you will never regret having these images.

If only for a brief moment, it is the two of you, having a laugh about an inside joke, or sharing a tear. I did both. I wrote both of my parents letters on my wedding day and handed it to them. I didn't plan it, but my photographer got those pictures, and they make me smile every time I look at them.

When I was finally in my dress, I walked out to dad and became a blubbery mess. He held me tight and we walked down that aisle together. It's the little things during your wedding that truly have the most impact when you look back at those photos. If your heart smiles when you look at your weddings photos, your photographer did something right. I love you papi (inside joke) and happy birthday. Love your Sammie.

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